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Tips for Weightlifting

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A respected attorney based in Springfield, Missouri, Douglas L. Healy serves as a lawyer for the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission, among others. Recently, attorney Douglas Healy successfully represented Chicago-based Invenergy in striking down a challenge to the Grain Belt Express Transmission Line.

In his free time, Mr. Healy lifts weights to stay fit. Weightlifting offers a variety of benefits, including improved circulation, increased muscle strength, accelerated metabolism, and a lower percentage of body fat. In addition, weightlifting can lower blood pressure and increase bone density, particularly in women.

To ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from weightlifting, use the correct body posture, and do not try to lift too much weight too soon. Consult with someone who specializes in sports sciences or personal training to get tips on proper technique.

Always remember to start with a warm-up to activate the muscles and decrease the risk of injury. Inhale before each movement, and exhale during maximum exertion to keep your muscles oxygenated and your mind focused.

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