Douglas Healy

Jul 10, 2020

1 min read

Strategies for Improving Power Grid Resilience

Attorney at Law, Douglas Healy

A former assistant prosecuting attorney for Greene County, Missouri, Douglas Healy provides general counsel for utility and commodity companies. As an energy attorney, Douglas Healy has a professional interest in several topics important to the industry, including renewable energy infrastructure and improving power grid resilience.

Grid resilience refers to the ability of the existing energy infrastructure to withstand an unexpected crisis, such as a natural disaster, extreme weather, or terrorist attack. Out-of-date energy grids may not be equipped to reliably meet the needs of a growing population that may have higher energy needs due to an increasing reliance on indoor heating and cooling.

A grid that struggles to perform under normal demands may result in catastrophic blackouts should the infrastructure face any additional challenges. Energy experts advise strengthening the reliability and resilience of the energy grid by diversifying energy sources. Energy distributors and suppliers should also develop detailed security plans to be prepared to mitigate cyber-attacks and restore energy quickly.