Some of the Best Sources of Protein May Be Surprising

Douglas Healy boat pic
Douglas Healy boat pic

A member of Healy Law Offices, LLC, in Springfield, Missouri, since 2007, attorney Douglas Healy has substantial legal experience. He is a former senior assistant prosecuting attorney in the Greene County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and a former advisor to the chairman of the Missouri Public Service Commission. Aside from his work, Douglas Healy maintains an interest in weightlifting, running, and nutrition.

Sports participants have long understood the importance of getting enough protein in their diets, and numerous supplements are available to support that goal. But the protein found naturally in foods plays a big part in overall health and fitness. While lean meats, beef, fish, eggs, and dairy products are known for being rich in protein, other foods can also help supply the nutrient.

Lentils are among the best non-meat, non-dairy sources of protein. Experts say that 1 cup of lentils contains more than 17 grams of protein. These legumes, which come in red, black, green, and brown varieties, are also excellent all-around sources of nutrients and fiber. White and black beans, split peas, and other types of legumes are also high in protein.

Squash and pumpkin seeds are another surprising choice for people looking for protein sources. A 1-ounce handful of these seeds packs about 8 grams of protein. Pumpkin seeds, also called “pepitas,” contain a good supply of healthy fats, antioxidants, and essential minerals.

Tofu, tempeh, and other soy-based non-meat alternatives are also rich sources of protein. A single cup of tempeh, for example, contains more than 30 grams, and the same amount of firm tofu more than 40. Soy milk and soy-based yogurt are also good sources of protein.

Douglas Healy is a Springfield, Missouri-based attorney with nearly 20 years of legal experience.

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