6 Top Tips for Beginning Weightlifters to Build Muscle Faster

Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

1. Warm-up

Skipping your warm-up sessions is a fast track to injury. Taking the time to warm up properly is a vital component of any good workout because it increases your range of motion and allows you to work harder. A good warm-up session can also prime your balance and coordination.

2. Start with resistance training

When it comes to strength training, most people think of lifting weights, but essentially any kind of resistance can be used to build muscle. If you’re new to strength training, using your own bodyweight can be a good way to start. It’s also cheap — there’s no need to buy a lot of equipment. And with so many gyms still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, working out with minimal equipment and focusing on your own bodyweight may be easier for many people right now.

3. Push your limits

With every repeat session, the same movements and lifts will grow less and less taxing. It’s therefore important to keep pushing your limits by increasing the number of repetitions or using heavier weights to make exercises more challenging.

4. Strike the right balance

You’ll need to work out regularly, but going overboard can be counterproductive. If you’re new to strength training, start with two sessions per week and add an extra weekly session from week three onwards. Space your sessions out so that you have a day of rest in between. Three to five strength training sessions per week is the optimum number for intermediate and expert lifters, but it’s important to build up gradually to that point, rather than trying to do too much too soon. If you start with five sessions a week, you run the risk of burning out and giving up altogether.

5. Choose the right exercises

In the world of weightlifting, the “Big 3” are the squat, the bench press, and the dead lift. All three exercises build strength. Many accomplished weightlifters recommend incorporating all three exercises into every single workout, at the minimum.

6. Keep things in perspective

What’s most important is that you are increasing your strength and stamina from your own baseline. In other words, focus on your own progress and enjoy the journey; don’t compare yourself to fitness influencers online. Over time, you’ll see results.



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Douglas Healy

Douglas Healy

Douglas Healy is a Springfield, Missouri-based attorney with nearly 20 years of legal experience.