6 of the Best Weightlifting Apps for 2021

Douglas Healy
4 min readJan 19, 2021


The last 12 months has marked an explosion in popularity of digital fitness. Today, there are fitness apps covering the entire spectrum. From running, to yoga, to strength training and everything in between, there is truly something for everyone. Here are six of the best weightlifting apps for 2021.


1. Fitbod

Fitbod’s unique training algorithm enables fitness enthusiasts to build personalized workouts targeted to their individual needs. Featured by The New York Times, Forbes, Huffpost, TechCrunch, TIME Magazine, and NBC News, Fitbod analyzes users’ past workouts and strength-training ability. From there, it creates routines according to the gym equipment users have available to them.

The app pushes members’ limits, suggesting numbers of sets and reps,. It also identifies particular workouts according to training best practices. As users master each exercise and grow stronger, Fitbod adapts, pushing them a little bit harder with every session.

Fitbod helps keep gym sessions fun and fresh, maximizing use of available equipment and mixing up routines through the inclusion of new exercises. Currently available on free trial, the app even works without gym equipment, providing a range of basic exercise routines.

2. StrongLifts

StrongLifts is a strength training program that consists of two workouts. Workout A comprises squats, bench presses, and barbell rows, while workout B incorporates a combination of squats, overhead presses, and deadlifts.

Users complete three workouts per week. StrongLifts does not recommend training two days in a row, or completing two workouts in the same day. Rather, members are encouraged to give their bodies a full day of rest to recover from sessions before completing their next workout. This will enable them to build muscle and strength, and lift heavier weights in the long run.

Participants alternate between the two workout routines each time they train. The goal is for the user to add weight with every workout for as long as they can continue to do so. Though the first weeks may seem easy, the recommended weight increases quickly.

Although members will not be able to increase their weights forever, most people are surprised by how such this simple program helps them to build strength. Often, they are able to lift heavy weights sooner than they envisioned. By adhering to the program, within four weeks, followers are on average squatting 60lb more, pressing 30lb more, and deadlifting 60lb more.

3. Fitness Point

Fitness point is an intuitive app that enables fitness enthusiasts to track their progress at the gym. Users can browse preinstalled exercises, following animated demonstrations and easy-to-understand descriptions. Fitness Point can be used to create workouts. Users can choose from exercises to target a particular muscle group as well as enter target sets and reps for every exercise.

The app offers a variety of routines and workout plans created by professional fitness trainers. Users can also benefit from customized workouts to suit their individual needs. Available in 16 different languages, Fitness Point also enables clients to share their workouts and logs, and backup the app on iCloud.

4. Jefit

Jefit provides the ability to manage and track workouts all in one place. Available via Google Play and the App Store, Jefit hosts an active workout community. It keeps 8.8 million members connected, enabling them to share tips, support, and valuable feedback to help them reach their fitness goals.

Members can use the app to create a personalized workout program tailored to their individual needs and record their progress through training logs. The app helps users maximize results by analyzing workout data. This enables them to adjust future workouts accordingly, edging ever closer to their fitness goals.

5. Strong

The Strong app is ideal for those with established goals in terms of the numbers of sets and reps they wish to achieve in each workout. It saves data from previous workouts. That way, members can look back across their progress and be motivated by how close they are to beating their personal bests.

Specifically developed to track weights, Strong is easy to navigate, even during a grueling workout. With the free version, users can create up to three workouts, checking off sets as they complete them.

Strong Pro syncs with Google Fit and Apple Health, and is worthwhile for members who attend the gym frequently. Subscription unlocks a plate calculator and body measurement tracker, as well as a warm-up set calculator and a variety of analytic tools to monitor progress.

6. BodySpace

A fusion between digital fitness and a social media site, BodySpace enables members to track their exercises and connect with an extensive network of like-minded individuals interested in fitness. Available for download on both IOS and Android, BodySpace allows members to plan workout sessions. The app offers numerous template workout plans created by professional trainers, as well as a wealth of written tips and instructional videos.

The free BodySpace app features a BodyCalendar for users to follow, providing reminders for scheduled workouts, stats, and a variety of advice and analytic resources. Compatible with the Apple Health App, BodySpace not only allows members to track their progress, it also connects them with other users. This enables them to access valuable advice, encouragement, and support on the road to reaching their fitness goals.



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